Thursday, February 27, 2014

Robins- Can Spring Be Coming?

Verifiable sighting of my first robin of 2014!

There have been 48 days below zero, that might be in a row.  We have over 3 feet of snow on the ground.  There is a wind chill advisory for wind chills of -30 to -35 degrees.  And there is ice.

And... I saw my first robin.  Not only did I see my first robin, but I saw ten pairs of robins all huddled up on my trumpet vine against the dark brown fence in the long border as the sun rose bright and sunny in the east at my home garden.  They sat, feathers fluffed, shivering.  They weren't singing about it, but there they were.

I have never seen a robin in February.  I know some people around Madison, WI who will say they see robins all winter long.  This isn't Madison, though, and it has been an unbelievably cold, hard, brutal winter from many perspectives.  Sometimes I will see a robin March 5th or 6th.  The really warm spring of 2012, I saw one March 2nd.

Doesn't this beat all?  Maybe, I have to believe, spring is coming...


  1. I'd say those robins really jumped the gun. They're probably thinking about heading back south for a couple of weeks.

    1. They stuck around all day, but I have not seen them since that day. Hopefully, they are not too confused or frozen!