Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life! (Penciling it in...)

Statice, germinated!
March is starting to thaw us.  There is still a LOT of snow around and temperatures today reached only 18 degrees (F).

But life is starting to regain a footing.  I have heard bird song!  Silly robins!

Handsome Son is home from his college spring break.  He took me out to eat.  In a restaurant.  For the first time in six months.  Wow...

I have seedlings growing, although not too many, in a southern window space. Statice seed germinated very quickly at a high percentage using the coffee filter method.  Mystic Lilac Wave petunias, although nearly microscopic have also germinated in a pot in a Ziplock bag.  I am a bit behind the curve on those, but they will probably catch up as they germinated very rapidly.

I am thinking of getting my peppers and tomatoes going, too.

And on the personal front, I have accepted my first work assignments since my fall last October.  I am a bit nervous about that.  I made it very clear: I need to use a cane.  The first assignment is an easy one and was one of my favorites before my accident.  There is flat parking, close to the door and the classroom is right there, too.  It doesn't have any physically ardurous responsibilities.   I can stand, sit, and move around as much or as little as I like.  We'll see how it goes.

In the three weeks I have been home in my own house, the three steps in and out are no longer a challenge (not taking on any ice, though!).  Showering, although a tad precarious and time-consuming, not that much of a challenge any longer either.

Getting up and down the flight of stairs to my growing room, but the time I will really need the space, will most likely no longer be a challenge either.  I am starting to fill in my life, but I am using a pencil.  I'll see how it goes..

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