Friday, April 11, 2014

Boulevard Cypress

Boulevard cypress
If I could find my soil thermometer, I'd probably have a hard time getting it down more than about 4".  I think that's about how far down the frost line is right now.  The hybrid maple across the way has buds that are starting to swell, but other than the alliums and a few iris and very few daylilies, and my blooming crocus there is not a lot of green to be had.

I am still getting a handle on what sort of picture I can take with my phone and what I am actually taking a picture of...

As you can see from the picture above, my boulevard cypress is having a particularly bad "ugly season".  Unfortunately, its "ugly season" always corresponds to my clean up the garden mode.  Some years I have sat down and carefully removed every little bit of brown desiccation, other years not.  It seems to better when I don't.  There have also been the years where I stand there, saw in hand, ready to cut it down.

It was one of the stars of the garden walk last year, so I will abide within myself that urge, counting carefully to 100, if necessary, until that urge passes.  In four to six weeks I will take another look and prune a bit for shape.

Boulevard cypress last September, underplanted with a white clematis, for which it will provide a wonderful contrast and framework, I hope.

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