Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Have a Plan...

April 2014, actually the "after" photo, this is not a bare slate...

July 2013
It is always good to have a plan.  Last year with the Garden Walk looming, I wasn't about to switch it up or around, or make any drastic changes.  Even experienced gardeners will admit, if they are honest, you never know exactly what a growing season may hold and how that impacts well-laid plans of mice and men... and gardeners.

Without any changes, it will like look much like this again this year.

So although I conceived this idea...

...I decided I would not implement it for the Garden Walk.

Front yard, late June 2014

Front garden, sidewalk edge early June, 2014
The above two pictures show you a bit of the space, last year, perfectly acceptable, but a lot of shades of green after the creeping phlox have bloomed.

The idea is to bed out about 100 coleus and nearly that many nicotiana langdorphii in swirls of lime green bells and waves of lime green and burgundy coleus.

Nicotiana langdophii

The hosta never get to that "leaves touching" stage in my front yard because of the root system of the white pine.  I have looked for images online of hosta and coleus together and none show the effect I am after.  It might not be possible.  That's the plan.  This year, we will see...I have been propagating coleus like a mad woman!  Check back this summer to see if I got the effect I was looking for!

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