Friday, May 9, 2014

Before You Bring Out Your Dead... Read This on Evergreens.

I was relatively unscathed by the small spots of brown on my yews, even on their south sides.
For those of your playing the waiting game on the brown evergreens, conifers, (yews, spruce, white pine,  those usually green things in your yard), this article is particularly insightful.  I think the author, may be a tad optimistic, and doesn't mention that going into 2013 we came out of a terrible drought accompanied by surreal temperatures of nearly 100 for many weeks in 2012, but it is the best advice I have seen to date.  It also fails to mention that this winter has severely stressed these plants, making them a target for any opportunistic fungal, bacterial, or viral agents and pests.  Spruce tip blight is working its way through this area, and given our winter, I think a lot of these spruce may fall victim to that after after surviving the brutal winter.

It's worth reading.

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