Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day

Picture of a pagoda dogwood from last year.

Likewise, a geranium from last year
Today is the first day of May.  At one time May 1 was the day the feast of Beltane was celebrated.  It was once considered the first day of summer (with February 1 being heralded as the first day of spring).

Today, the thermometer hit 52 degrees (F) under cloudy skies and with intermittent showers.  And it was the day I saw the first forsythia bloom, however that was not in my yard.  I am still doubtful whether my forsythia is indeed alive to say nothing of whether it will bloom this year.

I have hopes a pop of warmer weather will pick up the pace and break the dormancy that seems to have several of my clematis and roses in a stranglehold.

There may be some serious plant removal going on about the time my Handsome Son returns from college and he can lend his foot to the shovel.

My Virginia bluebells are up at about 1 1/2" tall still a deep black purple and with unfurled leaves.  Both the plants above show signs of having made it through the brutal winter.  My trillium are up, but not yet blooming.  Corydalis are emerging also.It appears that while my Knock out rose may have died to the ground, they are still alive.

The bees are back in the neighborhood hive.  I don't think I have ever not had a tulip in bloom by the end of the first week in May.  This year the daffodils are still emerging.

No sign of life on the rose 'Eden' or clematis "Josephine'.


  1. I wish that I lived closer!!! I'd SO be there to help you out. I am so enjoying reading your blog these days, though I am so sorry the winter took so much out of your garden. I might have some tete a tete daffodils blooming this weekend if we can manage to see the sun at all. Hang in there!

  2. Actually given the weather and my creeping slowness, my garden still looks better this spring than any other spring. I dealt with so many things with it last year, I am quite pleased. The depth of the winter has been my biggest concern. So giving the plants a bit more time to prove whether they be dead or whether they be yet alive is fine. Handsome Son is all over a brutal plant removal! He'll be here after the 18th. But I do wish we lived closer, although you and Lola and keep that "chunky rain" of yours! Post those daffs when you get them!!!

  3. Yes, it is a stumbling spring we are having. We are ahead of you so more is going on, but still there are many anomalies. Hellebores are still blooming, but forsythia is not. But spicebush is! I too am worried about winter casualties, especially my new 'Blue Adonis' Buddleia and Caryopteris.

    1. My caryopteris is alive, green scratch test, but probably won't bud out for a while yet. I would be hopeful for that.