Friday, May 23, 2014

"Random" and Tulips

Could there be any two words that do not belong together more than the words random and tulips?  These days the young adults in my life seem to co-opted the word random as an adjective with incredibly more depth of meaning than just being unpredictable.

"That's so random." It might have a lot to do with how they see their lives, I don't know.

Although self-seeding annuals are a gardener' typical random event; this year it is decidedly the color combinations and placement of my tulips.

Typically, I have a bucket I store tulips bulbs found during the course of planting and moving other things during the course of the summer.  In the fall, (along with those I purposely dig because I noted fat leaves and no flowers in the spring) I bed these out and they put on a nice show and serve as a tulip cutting garden.  A lot of my tulips are types that will perennialize given the opportunity.  Like any perennializing perennial, many need to be separated and divided.

Last fall, with the fracturing of my acetabulum, Handsome Son and his girlfriend hurried got them into the ground wherever a hole was dug to remove bulbs which are not winter hardy here (montbreia, calla, canna, and the like).

Random tulips is this springs result.

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