Saturday, June 7, 2014

Snapdragon 'Twinny Peach' and Other Blooming Flowers Today in the Garden

Snapdragon 'Twinny Peach' has the most incredible coloration ever!  I hope it holds up through the summer.

The variegated leaf belongs to a morning glory named 'Cameo Elegance'.  I'm sold on the leaf!

'Lanai Lime' verbena
My small haul of annuals from Russell's Market in Plainfield, WI.  
My first peony y'all, could anyone call it "just pink"/

Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight'

'Guernsey Cream' clematis

Lilac 'Palabin'

McKana hybrid columbine grown from seed

Is this navy columbine backed by the hosta aurea montana marginata combo something to die for?

McKana hybrid columbine grown from seed
'Zing Rose' dianthus grown from seed

Lilac 'Palabin'

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