Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Photo Op

Pansies are always ready for their close-ups!

Gardens give great subject matter for photos.  Best are the close ups of individual flowers...

Late lilac prestonia, 'Donald Wyman'

Native pentemon

Or visitors to the flowers...
This picture was actually snapped late last summer.
But over the next few days, my neighbor Andrea will again use my garden, which it seems should at least locally should have its own FaceBook page, as a green brocaded background for annual pictures of her children (the Sidewalk Greeting Artists).

There are lots of holes in my garden, though, this year.  Many shrubs have died to the ground.  Roses did, too. I am not getting all the tasks completed on time, so I have been cautiously picking and choosing my battles, and where to weed and when.  

But with the photo op...I at least rolled up my hoses (It has been dry here, although I have seen we are scheduled for a week of rain), picked up my tools and stray pots, and taken the black bags to the municipal recycling for green waste.

Have at, Andrea!

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