Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eastern Gray Tree Frog

I always think of frogs being near water or near or on the ground.  Thing is, though the frog I see most often is a climbing frog, the Eastern gray tree frog.  These frogs can climb up to 30 feet into trees, or up the side of my house to hide on the window ledge, camouflaging himself by blending in with the peeling paint!  I suppose trying to hide by in the petunias (lilac) or on the side of the house (pink) would have been a bit of a push for these camouflaged experts, but great fun don't you think?



I think of these frogs as a bit like the amphibiam vampires.  They seem to get caught on the sunny side of buildings at dawn and seek cover in strange places.  The Gardening Twins and Baby Gardener found one between their window and the bird feeder.  (Bird "anything" as part of my hiding place I would also think, not a good choice.

NOTE: No frogs were spray-painted in the course of writing this blog post!

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