Saturday, July 5, 2014

Overheard: "Mother Nature Choose Well, Her Caretaker..."

These are all small glimpses of plants in my front yard.  Pretty much,I let them duke it out all summer.  I spend a few hours trying to keep the slugs at bay and the grass from growing in the hostas, but that's about it.  The daylilies are about ready to send up their scapes.  When they are, the front yard looks like a three ring circus.  Have at.  Stella is already in bloom.

Cherry bells campanula is taking over where the lily of the valley left off.

John Cabot rose

Big Daddy or some similar, Blue Angel type hosta, over five feet across.

Annabelle does as she pleases.

Dutchman's pipe and 'Quickfire' hydrangea, code name BULK, in their death match over control of my garden gate.  

Clematis 'Alionushka' so dainty, people probably miss her.

All this and a weeping crabapple and a privet hedge in about 450 square feet.

I was in the back reading, when I heard the title comment.  Caretaker?  More like the referee!

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