Monday, August 11, 2014


This is the rejuvenated hedge mid-August.n  The dappled willow is not visible in this picture.

No pictures of gorgeous flowers in this post.  This post is more about the hard decisions needed by the gardener in his or her space.

By the middle of June my privet hedge had still not leafed out.  I decided to give it another week before I would take it out if need be.  The end of that week brought signs that indeed it was still alive, but a drastic pruning would be in order and no way would it be approaching it 2012 or 2013 beauty.

Since then I took it within ten inches of the ground and cut some growth all the way to the ground.  I have since given it a light pruning.  I can now say it is on the road to recovery.

This is my hedge about a week into June.  The good bones and pruning apparent, but little sign of life.  You can see why I wanted to give it every benefit of time as it is major structural component between my garden and the alley way.
I also trimmed out the dead limbs in the dappled willow.  Actually, I had Handsome Son do that.  On further inspection we could see some sort of borer was at work.  I treated both it and the privet hedge, here and in front, along with a lilac and a climbing rose.  I used a broad spectrum systemic spray.  I haven't used any pesticides for over four years.  I didn't spray any plants near anything which was in bloom in an attempt to go easy on the many pollinators using my garden as their primary food source.  I have a feeling this damage may be the result of some sort of larvae of a sawfly or adelgid.    I have allowed the willow to sent up new shoots, but have also taken the old wood, some ten years old, to the ground this year as well, completely rejuvenating this plant.

In many ways this year has been one of rejuvenation and stream-lining my garden space.  That which does not kill us makes us stronger and proves we are alive.

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