Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shoe Capture!

That garden faerie escaped, but I did manage to wrangle all the shoes into one herd.  This built-in shoe cabinet I finally completed holds between 10 and 16 pairs of shoes, depending on how many of Handsome Son's are included.  This summer some 15-odd pairs of shoes would be scattered about my entry doing their best to lessen my sanity, loosely wound as it is some days.
I know.  It's not about gardening.

It is something I did do myself, though, and I can't sit and weed all the time.  Well, actually I could...
I did get my iris cut back, weeded.  I cut off the most severely burnt of the hydrangea.  And I have started formulating a plan to redo a section of my front yard.
Casa Blanca lilies looked nicer once the backdrop of burnt Annabelle hydrangea were removed.  I really should move the lilies; on my list...

The railing on my deck is slowly becoming more fact than fiction, even though it rained BUCKETS, flooding low spots in the area and causing the flood warnings to hit my cell three different times yesterday.  Can anyone say "monsoon"?  Thank goodness for sand.  Rain runs right through.  Of course it takes all the nitrogen and other soil nutrients right along with it.

Areas of my lawn which I spot-treated with a weed and feed because of plantain, white clover, and some errant creeping charlie (although I did attempt to hand pull it all as there was just a tiny amount trying to get a foothold) are starting to look much more lush.  Even though it has been cool, it has also been fairly dry, with lots of brown lawns around.  As my lawn functions as a path more than a lawn and borders my garden beds, it tends to get watered enough to get by.

And the hydrangea 'Quickfire' is starting to pink up.

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