Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Garden Efficiencies

Prairie smoke, always seems to bloom just a tad before
 I get the leaves rakes from the Long Border.
This last weekend I spent most of my time puttering around my yard. It was a great weekend to pull quack grass from the hosta bed.  The quack grass is green, yet the roots are not well established, the hosta eyes have not yet emerged, but I can feel their firm points as I work protected from harm by the soil.

I scraped and painted the side of my house where the Annabelle hydrangea quickly grow, hiding the peeling paint and making it nearly impossible to paint house without getting a fair share of pinkness on hydrangea as well. I went on to untie the climbing rose and alpina clematis from the porch railing and scrape and paint that, too.

I touched up the sour apple green paint on a trellis where a climbing William Baffin will make the job tedious at best in the near future.

My yard is not yet raked and neither are the garden beds, but I am not panicked. Spending time on these chores ahead of the other just makes sense to me. It is more efficient than attempting them later. I also think it seems much more efficient, too,

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  1. Timing on those sorts of chores is really essential. I have a rambling rose growing on a metal arbor that is starting to rust but I think I should wait until October or November for painting it because I didn't get to it earlier.