Monday, April 27, 2015

Gawking Season

So far I have crocuses, scillias, and just a very few daffodils blooming.  My neighbor has his Tete-te-Tete baby narcissus open. Even so, probably the only flowers other than forsythia and a few of the early wild prunus species (not in my yard, though) blooming.  In a few days the PJM rhodie will bloom.  I anticipate it blooming  most years on April 24.  It missed that date this year, which gives me a week behind our typical season.

No dandelions, either, due to years of vigilance! (At least, so far...)

Still, for signs of spring, my neighborhood is the only game in town; especially if pedestrian traffic is any indicator.

I began moving a few perennials around which I had earmarked for such abuse a couple years back. Digging was out of the question last year.  This year I am able to edge my beds (foot on shovel) rather than hope the muscles in my arms are up to the task.  It goes so much faster this year.

Climbing the step ladder and scraping and painting the front porch have also been projects put on hold.  Scrap a bit, paint a bit; but I can't help admiring how much better the fresh creamy white paint looks, as I complete each section.

Still, nights have been cold; fluffy, ruffled pansies in the deck window boxes non-withstanding.

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  1. So glad to read that you are able to get after your chores like you want to! I got out and cut down a lot of dead brown stuff Sunday, too! YAY! Looking forward to a lot of blooming daffs this week, now that it has managed to warm up again. :)