Thursday, May 7, 2015

Apple Blossom Time, Crab Apple, That Is

Little pink house with 'Red Jade' weeping crab apple
'Red Jade' crab apple

Ruffled pansies

Salad mix is growing quickly on this balmy Thursday.

Peacock kale and bulls blood beet, ornamental edibles!

Gratuitous picture of green grass, those wider blades are quack grass,
the bane of my gardening life as they creep into every border and bed in my yard!

Wild American ginger

Blood root, begenia, and lily of the valley

A peony that emerges a deep burgundy

My latest sedum acquisition, 'Chocolate Drop' from Terra Nova.

Can I get away with just calling this a nice sedum?

A triumphator tulip, which with this warm balmy weather will make only a short appearance.

Part of the alley shrub border, garden side.  The best use for lawn?  Paths.

1 comment:

  1. This is all so beautiful...and so much edible.

    That crab apple is a stunner.

    xo J