Friday, July 17, 2015


Lilium 'Satisfaction', an Orienpet
 The Asiatic are passing full bloom, the hybrids and regales are blooming. The Orientals are forming buds. It id lily season in central Wisconsin. I cage 'Satisfaction', but with the heavy rain of the other night, I realized a lot of my tall Asiatics should be caged next year,
Lilium 'Algarve' has a wonderful southern exposure here. Other places I have this lily, not so much, and I paid the price in bud count and a tendency to tip over.

Lilium 'Negrita'

Lilium 'Elodie' nestled in with the self-seeded petunias and alyssum

Lilies seen on the Waushara County Master Gardeners' Garden Walk
This was an interesting combination.  An orange lily with a peachy pink flushed with yellow; it worked.

I have dozens of medium yellow lilies and a clump of pale cream yellow. Lilies will bloom with considerable shade, but stems are strongest and bud count highest where they get the most sun.


  1. Are the regales fragrant? I have Asiatics, plus one Oriental (Casa Blanca) and one Orienpet (Conca d'Or).

  2. I think the regales are, but none of these are fragrant nor are they regales. 'Satisfaction is highly, intoxicatingly fragrant, none of the rest of these are particularly.