Friday, July 24, 2015

My Pink Princess House

My deck catching the dappled morning sun filtered by the 'Crimson Frost' birch. A great place to be until about noon. It gets full unrelenting sun the rest of the day. In about five years though, there will be shade from the then 20 year old sugar maple.
Yesterday, I was weeding in my front yard, a perilous place to weed as the sidewalk is a well-traveled path and engaging in conversation hazardous to my goal-- weeding. A mother and her young daughters, probably five and seven years old trailing along behind. She was explaining how they would be spending more time here and maybe even living here in the future.

Seeing me, she commented that they loved walking by my house. It was their favorite house in the whole village, the pink chairs, the flowers, its being pink itself...

Her daughters chimed in at this point, and almost to her embarrassment, as she continued toward the library I could hear hear daughters chattering about all its tiny cuteness.

Yes, I live in the Pink Princess House, and maybe, even faeries live there with me-- according to those girls who seemed to know...

That would explain a lot!

It could explain the weeds! It could explain the unprecedented overgrowth of nearly everything this year. Are the faeries attracting deer as well? I have never had deer tasting this hosta or that tomato before!

It would explain these flowers which are annuals and have "self-seeded" two years now.

Maybe balloon flowers popping open bring more faeries from whatever realm they normally inhabit. 

It would certainly explain the 6' tall cultivated and species beebalm and other plants whose heights have far surpassed typical years, putting my garden design into a perilous realm.

This is from 2013. Those little girls have not even imaged the climbing rose which these past two years has taken a couple bad hits from weather and pest and not achieved its former glory.
The house is tiny. I figured I just had to go with that... maybe too much?


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Pink Princess House for the WIN!

  2. It's easy to see why the little girls love your house. It is clearly enchanted. Are you back from your trip?

    1. We are soon to return. I hope the faeries have been weeding and watering!