Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday in the Garden

Lily 'Algarve'

I have started and stopped a half dozen blog entries about my garden recently just so I could go be in it. So, today...just pictures.

Achillea 'Love Parade', a Russian achillea; the leaf is fat and fleshy, not ferny

This lily likes my garden, but I do not have a name for it. It is large, pale yellow, possibly an Orienpet.

Hydrangea 'Annabelle'

Daylily 'Mary Todd'

The back end of my Long Border using the pano setting on my iPhone.

Recent acquisition is a climbing hydrangea. An acquaintance who worked at the Chicago Botanical Gardens at their inception told me she waited 30 years for hers to bloom. She planted hers on an oak in fairly good shade. Some gardeners are known for investing for the long haul, but hopefully I will not wait that long! A garden friend grew one in nearly full sun on a pergola and it bloomed in its third year. My neighbor across the way is waiting on his as well...

'Algarve', again.

Up in smoke! My tiny house looks lost in the smoke of cotinus coggygria 'Nordine'. I cut it to the ground every few years or it would indeed dwarf my tiny house.

Close up of the smoke

Filipendula venusta, queen of the prairie

Native beebalm

'Blue star' juniper and a couple random sedums

Side border

Lilium 'Elodie'

'The Fairy' rose

Sidalcea 'Party Girl'


  1. It all looks wonderful. I have a daylily that looks like 'Mary Todd'. It was a freebie thrown in as an extra by the nursery (Oakes Daylilies). I forgot the name and refer to it as Mr. Banana because of the big yellow blooms.

  2. Liked all the photos - lily Eloide is beautiful - great color. Jack