Sunday, August 16, 2015

Water Features

At Longwood Gardens
This summer I saw a lot of water features in gardens. This is a round-up of those pictures.

From the famous Teacup Garden at Chanticleer

Ubiquitous frog fountain at Winterthur's Enchanted Garden

Motion-activated misting fairy ring of stone mushrooms at the Enchanted Garden at Winterthur. My son obviously became enchanted.

Horse/cattle trough, are we in the Midwest? Nope. Winterthur again...

Also at Winterthur

Ceramic something something at Chanticleer held bubbling water.

At Chanticleer, almost an afterthought, placed within the Teacup Garden
A fun fountain at Longwood Gardens; the main "over the top DuPont style fountain which covers ACRES is undergoing renovations. 

Overflowing lotus form in the foyer area of the Longwood Conservatory

Fun little fountain off to the side of the main waterfall in the Conservatory at Longwood.

Waterfall in the Conservatory at Longwood.
 Besides these "smaller" features there was also a waterlily garden larger than my entire garden...
Not water nymphs, but fearless and prepared traveling companions at Longwood in the Conservatory. I have to give a shout-out to the always prepared Scout Master Jay for planning the shortest travel paths to car from any point in the gardens and to Chari and Austin for worrying about my stamina navigating the seemingly endless 30 degree paved slopes. I wish I had been wearing a pedometer to track my miles at Longwood Gardens.

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