Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sunny Saturday (Celebrate the Day!)

Birch 'Crimson Frost' seems like inspiration for Dr. Suess
I think a lot of the country has had sleet, freezing rain, high winds, and even... snow. It has been getting cold here at night, but with sun and temperature getting above freezing for almost December; I'll take it.

It has been so nice, although even at noon the shadows are so long, the sun sits so low to the horizon during the entire day. The quality of light is poor. The skies are so blue they seem unreal.

I can see the camp of the evil squirrels from my deck.

I filled my window baskets with spruce, arborvitae, and cypress.

My 'bumpy' boxer supervised. She might be 13 next spring provided the bumpiness is not a cutaneous lymphoma. She enjoyed the sunny day on the deck with me. She says she has been talking to the feral cat about the nine lives thing and wants to come back as my pocket dog, preferring to be as close to me at all times as possible (read 'underfoot').
(The peeling deck is in my plan. I would like to stain it rather than paint it each and every year only to have it look like this in less than 12 months.)

Decorated for the season. I'm not sure if I am done. Sometimes less is more. Just the various evergreens looked good to me.
Bright light and long shadows along the shrub border at noon today. Notice green grass and no snow.

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  1. We have had some amazingly blue skies for November and December. I wonder if the deep blue