Saturday, January 9, 2016


That I am able to access this picture taken in July 2013 of my Long Border is a major triumph.

Never mind that I fear the Golden Shadows dogwood has this last year died, victim of something I have not year determined. I am waiting for this coming spring to remove it. I always wait for spring just to be certain a plant is not just dead, but warm and dead.  These sorts of moments are all too common in the garden, even for an experienced gardener.

Rather, sometime in the last ten days I clicked when I should not have (I wish I could say what and where, I can't). The internet being what it is a nasty piece of malware decided to call my computer home. I actually caught it in the act (thankfully) of doing its nasty business of locking my files with a ransomware type extension.

Eradication, system safe mode restarts, and restores later multiple times, along with uninstalling all those helpful programs like Adobe Reader and Picasa and praises given up for the tools in the MSOffice 2013 software (yes, thank you Bill Gates!) and my laptop is again starting to behave like the great tool it can be.

However, for over a week, I had thought my pictures taken from 2013 to now were possibly the collateral damage of this attack.

So if anyone has this same misfortune with the extension "rrk" added to their files and wants more info, comment. Otherwise, stay safe out there! It seems there are some nasty people who have nothing better to do who should have taken up gardening. Obviously idle hands are the devil's toolbox.

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  1. Damn, I am sorry. Good to know you're on the other side of it now.