Monday, January 18, 2016

Jottings of a Crazy... (Gardener)

We've all seen them; the crime drama with the psychopathic tribute wall to victim of the mad serial killer, the obsessive detective with a similar wall of crime scene post-it notes and photos. So it should be no surprise to me when my adult son returns home late Sunday night to hear the tone of cautious concern in his voice as he slowly asks, "Mom, what is all this...?"

"What does it look like?"
"Well, read them!"
"I did... WI Lakes, Belcanto,, Tom Pozzano, Edamame Misono, Envy, Diplomat, Amanas Noire, Florida Highbush, Violletta Rose... It doesn't make any sense..." he trails off
For the non-gardener, I suppose not, those with eyes which glaze over when the conversation lingers a bit too long on some small point of gardener.
"Honey, those are just note on veggie seed trials from test gardens the last five years at UW-Madison and the Chicago Botanical Gardens. I'm  sick of reading all the marketing hype. I want some real info on some of the seed varieties I am unfamiliar with."
"Oh," his voice trails off, deep breath released.
See something, say something. Crisis averted. Put the fertilizer away gardening friends. It's just really cold weather.

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