Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Seeds are Germinating

What are you looking at? Tiny echium Red Feather seedlings are germinating!
I get excited when I get something to grow that I know not everyone will have in their gardens. I like to collect the unusual. When I saw Jung's was offering an echium, I was interested. I have always assumed most of this genus not cold hardy... think Canary Islands and echium wildpretii. Hunting the seed so I could have a drift, rather than a single plant...

Healthy looking phlomis russelliana
Still excited about these yellow phlomis!

And these verbena bonariensis!
With a forecasted 14 degrees coming Thursday night, sleet, and 12" to 18" of snow; I'll keep my gardening indoors for now! Crossing my fingers against freezing rain taking down power lines and trees.


  1. My fingers are crossed also. And talk about bad timing - I'm going to Minneapolis on Friday.

  2. You are ahead of my. I need to catch up! JC