Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Emerging... Clematis


Clematis alpine 'Blue Dancer' is a very early and very vigorous clematis.
It blooms in May, which is impressive given our central Wisconsin winters.
It is also floriferous and has beautiful large seed heads.
I actually divided this clematis in this its third year to share with a friend. 

This is clematis texensis 'Diana'.
It is vigorous in the foliage department, not so much with its flowers.
t sends up multiple stems. Its flowers are a deep red getting lost among the red beebalm
and dark brown fence. The seed pods are not particularly showy.
This clematis was planted the same year as 'Diana', yet it sends up a single stem.
It is 'Elsa Spaeth'. It has just a handful of blooms.
This is clematis 'Roguchi'. I planted this just last spring.
I choose it for its purple flower which I thought would be nice against the pale pink of my house.
It seems to have a more continuous bloom than many clematis.

Another clematis that seems to grow just a single stem, 'Etoile Rose'

Clematis 'Alionushka' is also an alpina, but lacks the vigorous growth of "Blue Dancer'.
The flower form is similar, that of a drooping ballerina's skirt,
t it blooms later and longer and is a pale rose.
Some of these clematis in full bloom in my own garden.


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