Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Peony 'Hanakisoi'

This bloom captured in late afternoon after the rains.

Peonies embody the very essence of summer in the garden-- fleeting. Of all the blooms a scant ten days if I am lucky and then it is just a mounded bush of handsome dark green foliage. The blooms seemingly from another time and place.

'Hanakisoi' translates to "floral rivalry". and for a scant handful of days does rival any plant in my garden.

Handsome foliage with the distinctive leaf of the Japanese peony.

Blooms are easily 10" across and seedpods are ornamental.
Lucky me, as I leave the dark cloven seed pods to mature I have been rewarded with two seedlings. Identification was easy based on the very distinctive leaf. They are nice sized plants, growing on their own roots which I anticipate may bloom next year.

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