Monday, May 2, 2016

Virginia BlueBells

Virginia Bluebells are almost magical. I have several nice clumps sharing space with a variety of daffodils under my apple tree. I was thinking of marking them and splitting the larger three clumps just before they go dormant so I can find them. Even established clumps have root systems which become nearly invisible along with the foliage. Rarely are they offered for sale as they begin to go dormant about the time the nursery centers open for the season. Who would buy a seemingly empty pot?
I know they self-sow. I have heard of stories of gardeners skimming a spade of dirt and moving it to another spot to "transplant" them.
There will be no need for such shenanigans.
They are filling in the empty spots all on their own!

While hand clipping my liriope with a scissors, I paused and spotted this! They are everywhere around each established plant.

Like I said, magic.

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  1. That explanation for why garden centers don't sell VA bluebells makes sense. Such a shame. I agree that they are magical.