Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Am Inspired...

And I'm not the only one.

While driving around Stevens Point with my mother, we like to slow down and maybe even take a second pass on some yards. This year the hydrangea in central WI have been to die for, and those getting my attention in a big way are the paniculatas. This border had several.

This border running in a rectangle along about 100' of fence is about 10' deep. That's a little deep for most borders where you have perennials and want to reach the back of the border for maintenance without trampling in the bed itself. Here, I felt it was justified by the size of the plants in this shrubby border. Several small trees, shrubs, hydrangea, and big grasses all played a part in the composition. Center was an area with pavers and a bird bath, and the whole think was edged with cement edgers.

There were just a few of the more traditional perennials such as daylilies or rudbeckia which played only a minor role in the composition. My pictures do not do it justice.


Seen close up every day by neighbors though, it has been an inspiration to all who view it. And, very obviously to the neighbor on the other side of the fence who has worked up a space the exact same size, amended the soil, and purchased a pile of the very same edgers for their border, which I am assuming will mimic their neighbors in more than just shape, size, and edging material.  The neighbors intend to go them one better with a second bed dug up on the opposite lot line of their property.

I will be keeping an eye on the progress there. It felt like many, nearly all the homeowners were gardeners in this neighborhood, and as good as my neighborhood is, I was a tad jealous!

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