Sunday, March 20, 2011

Artist Marjorie Leggirt's Contributions to Horticulture

This picture of a flamboyant tulip petal is my connection to the artist of the salivation-worthy artwork featured on my post of a couple days ago.

I mentioned I bought some seed from a garden center. The seed company, Botanical Interests, had Marjorie Leggirt do the art for their seed packets. Botanical Interests' seed packets are chock-full of horticultural information; "dedicated," they say, " to inspiring and educating the gardener in you."

Leggirt's drawings of artichokes are beautiful-- frameable even. By reading the small print inside the packet, I also learn she is a scientific illustrator and instructor. She has illustrated more than 50 books and has seven permanent museum exhibits, and teaches botanical illustration and field sketching workshops throughout the United States.

She is based in Boulder, CO.

I live in Wisconsin.

So how does the tulip connect us? I first heard of the seed company Botanical Interests through a photography contest held by Fine Gardening Magazine. They were looking for the photo of the month for May 2009. I read about the contest the day before the deadline.

I thought for a moment. The picture had to be a May bloom/garden scene. But, I thought, more importantly it had to say "May" to the editorial staff of Fine Gardening magazine.

Heck! That tulip! What's not to like! I won unanimously.

I wish other things in my life were that easy.

As for the artichoke seeds, I chipped their hard seed coats with my kitchen shears. They are presently soaking in warm water. Later today, they will get planted and placed under my light set-up on the heating mat, where the instructions say they will germinate in 10-14 days. I hope to see them up in 7 days. Yes, I'm impatient. Chipping, soaking, and the heat mat usually get me something!

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