Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Bing", Supermoon, and the First Day of Spring

This heuchera is Stormy Seas and always looks terrific right away.

My seedlings look pretty much the same this year, although I have a lot more of them.

I'm oblivious.

It's the first day of spring and I'm a gardener. Yet the First Day of Spring has just crept upon me and whispered, "Surprise..."

Not yelled? Nope. I thought it was tomorrow, for one thing. Isn't today March 20th? Didn't I learn in school the first day of spring was the 21st or 22nd of March?

The other thing-- I have a sinus infection. I always imagine a sinus infection is the way manic-depressives feel when on their meds...without the sinus pain, of course. I feel no real highs, sort of like a light volcanic rock being jumbled along the bottom of a stream bed by the current. I'm moving along, but no clue to where or why.

I boot up my laptop this morning, crawl onto the internet (that's another rant) and there's my home page, "Bing!"

I like Bing. I used to be a Yahooligan. Never a Google girl. Google is too plain for me. In truth, though, Yahoo is too busy. The homepage that comes with my ISP, must have given lessons to Yahoo. AND, I HATE my ISP. I did not search Bing out. Bing made itself my homepage in that ubiquitous way a lot of Bill Gates' software makes its way to my computer, when I load something else entirely so I can do something with my laptop that I want to do, generally something creative.

So Bing has this nice clean homepage with a different, incredible image courtesy of National Geographic everyday(I believe almost entirely.). Seeing the image each day is like jumping out of my mundane, everyday thing and taking a few second journey somewhere else entirely. I have started to see a pattern in their pictures, several days in a row the picture has a sense of movement, a path, a distant point of view angle, and then an explosion of color, followed by quiet zen-like simplicity.

Today is a zen day. It's a chickadee on a Eastern Wahoo branch.

Bing also has these hidden boxes to tempt you into the wormhole of the universe that is the internet. Today I clicked on one about "if Spring had a theme song, it would sound like this...". It took me out of my box to izune and the music of Noah and the Whale. Great Sunday morning coffee music, but not what I was expecting. I was expecting something vaguely Celtic/organic/new music/nature vibe with bird song thrown in. Not Noah and his Whale...

The other thing I like about Bing, it gives you four or five topics of what people are searching for "right now". Today, picture of the Supermoon. I'm not sure how they decide what people are looking for, but when I am subbing, the only thing I ever see kids searching for (other than the briefly required school work) are monster trucks, pimped-up cars or snow machines, prom dresses, and Justin Bieber. By the way, none of the guys even know who Justin Bieber is... Sorry Justin!

Bing makes me a better informed life form; sinus infection non-withstanding. I can wish you a Happy First Day of Spring (winter has been pretty ugly this year), tell you-- you really should check out Noah and the Whale on izunes, and that some of those pictures of the Supermoon are pretty incredible. Search for yourself.

For those people who garden, the pictures here were taken the first day of spring previous years. This morning, my dog told me she had to go out, regardless of how hard it is raining because she really is trying to be "Momma's Good Dog." It is what makes her the happiest dog in the world. The dog that has now gone back to bed and because she is a boxer always snores and sound like she is the one with the sinus infection.

Happy Spring!

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