Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cold Spring Day in Wisconsin

April 14, 2011

I don't think the temperature got above 40 degrees here today. Yesterday, I built my niffy "instant cold frame that can hold five flats of seedlings. I have four flats in it at this time. When I checked on them to water them about 6 P. M., they looked very happy.

This opened up space in my grow rack to pot some tomatoes from 2"-square containers into 3.5" square by 6" deep containers. As I "potted up" into the bigger container, I pushed the well-rooted seedlings (the roots were creeping out the drainage holes) out of their smaller pot and dropped them into the larger, removing any leaves that were below the rim and filled them with a 50% sandy loam-40% spaghum peat moss-10% perlite mix.

I feel like I have better control of germination on my rack, using a domed plant tray with a heating mat, so I will be starting some marigolds, zinnias, morning glories, pumpkins 'Big Max', and some bok choi now that I have the room. The morning glories and pumpkins, because they have a long growing season and dislike root disturbance, will be grown in fiber pots and planted without removing them.

I was able to cut kale and spinach leaves from my grow rack for my salad last night. How cool is that! I have also been pinching off basil leaves for pasta dishes for that last couple weeks.

As I mentioned, I planted a second variety of basil 'Sweet Dani'. Today I pricked out the four-leaved seedlings into bigger pots they could call their own.

The sweet red organic certified peppers 'Marconi Red'? Zero germination.

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