Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cooler, More Moderate Temperatures

The bridal wreath spirea is starting to go by because of the extreme heat.

The cooler breeze is a godsend this morning. I admit it. The hot and humid weather was wearing me out. I felt like I was just dragging about. I wish we could have had at least a quarter-inch of rain as the front moved through, so watering was not at the top of my list this morning, but I will take what I can get.

Yesterday, I did harvest all the 'French Breakfast' radishes and replanted some "Watermelon' radishes in the potager. I was also able to cut a 4-quart bowl of salad greens. I also planted some yellow summer squash and cucumbers.

Today, I will work again in the family garden. My goal is to get some mulch down around the berry plots and some compost on the asparagus bed. Weeding would also be a good choice activity. The sweet potatoes have not been set out, but are looking great in their pots. Preparing a sweet potato bed would be a good activity.

The Mantis tiller is on the fritz...

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