Friday, June 10, 2011

Total Disclaimer!

Apricots ('Moorpark') are growing, not waiting on me!

Other than the cursory Google Adsense and Amazon banner(from which neither have I raked in any cash), no one pays me to write this blog.

I just wanted to get that out there! It seems the FCC is all concerned that we bloggers are not up front about these things! It would be nice if someone bankrolled my garden writing, but I am ecstatic when I get nearly 100 hits in one day (as happened yesterday-- thank you, thank you!).

So... continuing saga of gardening in central Wisconsin...

As you may have read yesterday, my Mantis tiller is not working. In all honesty, it is about 7 years old, and I really beat it. I seldom use it in my own yard, but I use it to mix potting soil. I use it to edge (nice attachment, I should hunt down and use in my yard!) I use is in yards where people pay me to do a bit of gardening for them (usually in yards where it seems tree roots and rocks far outweigh any semblance of topsoil).

The starting cord broke. I am fairly handy and the Mantis is an incredibly simplistic machine to work on. I figured this is a fairly easy fix. Along the way to replacing this, though, the rewind spring sprung, and I have tried no less than three time to rewind the dang thing. It is a beast!

I ordered it from the factory, so I called the factory. I had seen that the whole starter rewind spring, starter cord, etc. comes as as assembly. I figured I would bite the bullet and get it.

The weeds in the family garden are not getting any shorter or growing slower because the Mantis is on vacation.

I talked to a simply nice customer service person, who actually knew which model I ordered (without me having to go check!) and suggested buying the pre-wound spring versus the assembly for less than ten bucks versus around $70 for the assembly.

Hopefully, this will be the end of the Mantis' vacation. The weeds are not waiting. It has another hard row (or ten) to hoe. If it was easy work, I'd have it done by now!

Weeds! I'm a-coming for you!


  1. What? The FCC cares if someone pays us to write this? Don't they have other things to do?? Seriously. Where did you find this out? I didn't get a memo! :)
    Keep on weeding girl, they keep on growing!

  2. Um, I have heard rumblings about said freeze rumors. Only it is patchy frost- so all the blankets and sheets and such will be out tonight. At least the tomatoes and squash are small yet and easy to cover!