Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hidden Views, Secret Gardens

Gardens seen through an obscured view lure us into them. They give up their secrets slowly and we would have it no other way. These pictures were taken at two of my favorite botanic gardens, Chicago Botanical Gardens (CBG) and Olbrich Gardens (OG). This one was taken at the CBG.

A view that appears to go on forever. These trees are night-lit with pot uplights. Spectacular. (CBG)

White Asiatic lilies en masse. (OG)

Yellow callas at a pond's edge. (OG)

A doorway accented with potted boxwood topiary and a view to a garden. (OG)

Grove of clump white birch underplanted with a blue hosta. (CBG)

For a brief couple weeks these alliums throw up their heads through lime green foliage. (CBG)

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  1. The purple ones are so spectacular Rachelle!