Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weed Barrier, Landscape Fabric

Another way to feel ripped off: buy this pricey, garden ornament displayed at the Olbrich Gardens. Made from a bike wheel and whatnot and attached to a steel corner post, I think it lacks style. I'm not sure it even revolves in a breeze giving off a (soothing?) tick, tick, tick, tick-sound. Is Olbrich getting a commission on these things? Come on, people! If you install a windmill, be sure it does something! Like make power to pull up water in a well or charge your iphone, or something!!!

I feel ripped off.

This spring was incredibly cold, 20 degrees below normal. I used some 3-year black weed barrier, held down with landscape pins. My goal was two-fold; warm the soil for things like cantaloupe, honeydew, pumpkin 'Big Max', sweet potatoes and tomatoes, and form a barrier to weeds.

I wasn't too excited when the weeds germinated under the cloth in what seemed like in the millions. I expected them to just fizzle and waste away from the additional heat the cloth can generate and hold. Now, as the weeds are still alive and pushing the cloth skyward in arches, or the cloth is disintegrating literally in front of my eyes, I am wondering whatever happened to the 3-year idea?

I spent a lot of time (and some money) putting down many rolls of this stuff with the hopes of curtailing my weeding endeavors and heating my ground. It appears this material has achieved neither of those goals, with the added deficit of my time and energy (and money).

Another little rip-off.

I didn't expect it last three years, just the season. Now, I can waste my time chasing after the shreds, pulling out the fabric pins, and still have to weed this ground.

Shredded paper has has a better shelf-life!

(An added note: The landscape fabric/weed barrier I bought was purchased at Farm & Fleet and Menard's. The one roll I had left said made in China and was Yardwork Economy purchased at Menard'. I do not know the brand name of the stuff I purchased at Farm & Fleet, but it was also the 3-year one.)


  1. I have to agree with you the wind 'thingy' doesn't do it for me either- the design lacks elegance and that price- ouch!
    Horrified with your cloth story- very good that you get the word out.

  2. That price tag hit me as high, too! Not useful and without elegance (good word choice)!

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