Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pictures from the Potager

Just some pictures from the potager here in the village. I spent most of the day watching my son play basketball. Came home and later in the day harvested my garlic. It was supposed to be all long neck variety; better for storage. The softneck variety makes better garlic braids. Some of the garlic was braid-able, but my braiding skills lack something! I did harvest about 80 bulbs, enough for my canning and winter usage needs.

This lily was one I noted in a botanical garden where it was incredibly floriferous. This is its first year and looks to be a performer.

Smokebush 'Nordine'
Gotta love those blowsy panicles!

My Italian flat leaf parsley lived over and as a biennial is blooming. Shortly after growth began in the spring the foliage took on a sharp, slightly unpleasant taste. It was not a good idea to let it continue, although it might make a good cut flower or dried wreath.

Hazelnuts! I thought the rabbits chewed off all the blooms. Guess I will have enough for a couple batches of cookies!

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