Friday, July 8, 2011

Beautiful July Days

You will notice this shot of my front porch under the shade of my majestic white pine does not include me! I have many seating areas placed around my yard, but they seldom are graced by the presence of my ample derriere. It is cool there. It is serene. It is typically quiet. And, it includes an across the street view of the yard of one of this planet's greatest horticulturalists.

But no...

This time of year, you find me in a gym sitting in the bleachers, watching my teenage son chase an orange ball up and down a court. Basketball is a winter sport you say? Nay. Since my son has been 8, watching basketball on the hot summer weekends of June and July has been de riguer. I swear he plays about 10 months of the year. He has played with the same boys since he was 8. Boys whom were tiny, almost smaller then the basketballs they dribbled, who've now grown into tall, young men, taller than my 6'.

I still remember a team, much bigger than our boys, with a player trying to pick up a loose ball, only to pick up the ball and the tiny guy from our team who suddenly had become firmly attached only to end up dangling from the ball in the opponent's hands a good foot off the floor.

This is my last summer of such activity, my son will be a senior this fall. After this year winter sports will no longer be asking, "And what did you do with your summer!" Something huge, and all encompassing will simply be done. I can't fanthom it.

I don't care what anyone thinks, I LIKE stella di Oro daylilies! They are dependable.

'The Fairy' rose

I have a 20 foot low hedge of these beauties. Twice a year for about 3 weeks it looks fabulous. The rest of the year, eeh...

So enjoy our summer days while they are with us. They are gone in heartbeats.


  1. Lol, Gotta enjoy the days you can be involved in your son's life daily! I love my Stellas, too, people can get awfully uppity about things that grow well and flower profusely!! Gorgeous roses, short lived though they may be!

  2. Thanks! He's the light of my life.