Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I had a tag that said he these first two are of the lilium 'Silk Road', but not sure, especially since most picture show it a a cream lily with a rose throat. The Next yellow with the orange throat I know I don't know. I think it was probably sold to me as "lilium, yellow, 36 in." The last with the black stems, is 'Elodie". Any flower with black stems is good in my book!

These are Asiatic lilies currently blooming in my garden. Note the predominantly upward facing flowers. Asiatics for the most part bloom before many of the other lilium species, particularly Orientals or the hybrids, like Longiflorum-asiatic, or Regals. Also they tend to be taller (with the exception of the Pixies) and have thicker stems which are more densely covered with leaves. The hold their buds in a tighter cluster, rather than more free-form with a bud at each of the upper leaf axials.

More as they come into bloom!

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