Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Look at Dappled Willow - 'Hakuro Nishiki'

Catching the true colors of certain flowers with a camera can be difficult, particularly those of the blue shades. Similarly, to capture detail on white pastels can also be tough. To give you an idea, I am posting these two pictures of my dappled willow.

This is my original photo, but it fails to capture the "pinkiness".

Here, I have played with the gray scale to bring up the pink which is very evident to the human eye. Right now, it looks like the bush is in bloom when it is actually just the new foliage which pulls up more green as the new leaves start making chlorophyll. It is the show-stopper in my yard, even receiving envy from the resident neighborhood horticulturalist next door. With the show continuing upward to six weeks, it is worthy of a place in the well-pruned shrub border. Well-pruned being operative words.


  1. How does this plant grow? From cuttings or seeds? I would like to get this plant for a border. Thank you.

  2. It is sterile as far as I know. I have started all mine from stem cuttings. You want to use a cutting that is more green than white. The whiter the cutting the higher the failure rate seems to be.