Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pepper 'Sweet Heat'

This year, I grew a variety of peppers looking for the best ones for our area conditions. Last year, the family garden yielded nary one red pepper and scant green ones, being inundated with rain and cool temperatures. This year we have exactly the opposite conditions.

Brother and Sister-in-law are not lovers of hot peppers, and while I like jalapenos, I only eat a few over the course of the year, mainly in my canned salsa and sliced on pizza. This year when I came across 'Sweet Heat'; a pepper with some heat, but not enough to earn it a Scoville heat index. It also has a short span of days to red maturity, so it got a spot on the list of peppers to try this year.

It has just a bit of a kick, not anything near a jalapeno, and a sweet red pepper taste. The pretty color and heat make it just the right pepper for a salsa, fajitas, or a roasted red pepper spread.

Sister-in-law and I have already made a salsa using a combination of this and 'Sheepnosee' pimento peppers and 'Olpaka' and 'Amana Orange' tomatoes. Sister-in-law confesses she really loves this salsa, which she has started using even before the different ingredients have had time to blend and develop. I would typically label her a non-salsa eater.

The plants are prolific and germinated easily. The peppers are approximately 4" long and 1 1/2" wide. From just a half dozen plants, we are easily going to harvest nearly a bushel of red peppers by the end of the season. From transplant, expect to wait at least 90 days from transplant to harvest.

We'll be growing this one again!

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