Monday, October 22, 2012

Shiny Red Rakes

Nina and Foster are my neighbors and are 9 and 7. Today, I was out front raking up the pine straw on my walkways to cover some bulbs I planted in pots when Nina and Foster flew out onto the sidewalk, each with a shiny, red rake. Their rakes were so red and shiny and the day so bright. I commented how I liked their shiny, red rakes. Nina, ever the little lady, said thank you, and that they weren't new, but that her and Foster took good care of them and kept them in the garage when not using them.

Oh, good idea Nina!

Foster added, they were off to rake leaves on the side of the house. Both Nina and Foster acted very happy to have nice shiny, red rakes to chase the leaves around. So unlike my chipped up blue rake, with two bent teeth, and possibly a missing one on the side.

In all honesty, my rake's handle is worn smooth and the teeth have plenty of spring to them, and it is not in the least bit rusty. It, too spends its off-time in either my shed, truck, or car trunk, where it will be dry.

All of which leads me off to the thought how some jobs are just so much easier, and more fun, with nice tools. My rake, although not shiny or red, gives me the same feeling when I reach for it the twentieth fall or spring as it did the first time. I know the weight and heft of my rake and it is familiar in my hands.

I'm so glad Nina and Foster's parents bought them each their own pretty metal spring rake instead of some silly pretend or plastic rake that will stress-fatigue in a handful of years. Feeling competent is a good feeling for children to have, and good tools foster that feeling.

Happy raking, kids!

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