Sunday, December 2, 2012


My local McDonald's had a bit out there landscaper. He planted rugosa roses. Rugosas are known for their rose hips, those ripe seed pods reminiscent of the fruit of apples, medlars, and pomegranates; only small scale.

You can literally see the connection in rugosa rose hips and these other genera. These particular rose hips are so large and succulent, I long to reach out my window when grabbing a cup of joe and grab the hips as well. The hips in this McDonald's drive lane have driven me to plant my own rugosas.

although not particularly impressive this year, I hold out hopes for the coming year and them being a nice presence on the July garden walk.


  1. I like the look of rose hips. Also growing up, I had a friend whose Taiwanese grandmother made delicious pastries filled with sweetened rose hips. My roses tend to have smaller flowers and hips. Rugosas are on wish list.

  2. Must be the national flower of McDonalds. We have them near here at a local fast food place. Must buy in quantity! Enjoyed the short visit to your Blog today. jack