Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wondrous Things

I walked into a dark corner of my loft to find my Christmas cactus miraculously covered in buds, forgotten since its placement there in October. Similarly, today, 19 years ago, my life changed entirely, Handsome Son was born.

At the age that I conceived Handsome Son, I had fairly disparaged of having a family. I had sort of given up on the possibility that I would be a mother. And then lo and behold, one late winter day I realized I would have something to give thanks for by Thanksgiving. In his own stubborn way, he held out until December and his first stocking cap was a Santa hat and his first swaddling a Christmas stocking; the nurses in pediatrics were really into this bit of hoopla.

And now, he has fledged and living his college guy life,and unlike many of my generation (and even his father and I) is seriously studious and driven. He will have 41 credits by the end of this his Freshman year.

He is the light of my life. My dearest wish is he will be a light in this world.

Happy birthday,dear sweet child.

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