Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beautiful Botanical Creatures

This is a collection of pieces of coleus (and geraniums and begonias) saved last fall with the intention of using them as the mother for my bedding coleus. I have found that not every coleus does well over winter in low light. I'm sure it is a function of over-hybridizing. I am starting to have a substantial group of them with incredible foliage that do quite well. Tucked into corners, combined in pots, underplanting my alley border, and bedded out among my hosta, these coleus will add splash of rich color where need most this coming growing season.

Yesterday all these beauties and a dragonwings begonia fell to my propagating shears.

The next three pictures show how the cutting is prepared.

In addition to some beautiful coleus, my seeds are starting to germinate. I used the baggy method, so I spent time today pressing them into individual cells in a 288-count tray.

Baggy methos germinated seed, I think this is algrostemma.

The seed to surely surpass my expectations was the 'Pacific Giants' delphinium.

This delphinium seed was packaged by Livingston Seed Company. I usually have good luck, but this was package was filled with 130 seeds and at Day 10 60 of them have germinated. I think more will, at least half of the remainder, if not more. That would make it the best luck I have had with any delphinium seed. (I have no connection with this company!)

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  1. Very industrious of you! Those delphiniums will be fantastic.