Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Emotional Depths of Winter

I am cheered by the fact the sunlit portion of the day is growing by nearly three minutes each day. Here with daily temperatures hovering below zero many days without a wind chill, I am not quite so happy.

This winter, I have avoided all the noroviruses, and flus only to run a fever and develop some sort of sort throat-brochial-coughing thing. The fever broke yesterday, but I still feel achy. I have a toothache and my lower back is killing me; it has been for a week. The more active I am, the better it feels, but in a small house there is simply nowhere to travel. I spend time standing. I'd like to work on my taxes, but how? Prolonged sitting brings excruciating pain. A sciatic nerve thing I am almost sure, and the more activity, the better. In summer when I am gardening, I seldom suffer any aches and pains. Winter is just too long here.

My boxer loves to dog pile on me these types of days, but she makes it difficult to change positions. I quickly get stiff, or find her laying across a leg, I really need to extend....NOW.

And 2"-5" of snow in the forecast. I push more than lift the snow.

I called my mother as I paced in my dining room, hoping to bring an easing to my back pain, but more than anything just to whine. I warned her up front.

Just as surely as these seeds have sprouted (using a coffee filter and the baggy method) (although I keep the filter whole.)and been tucked into potting soil, spring will come.

It can't be too soon.

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  1. Don't shovel snow if you have sciatica! I had that too, from too much driving. Had to get physical therapy. Instead of snow we are getting rain and sleet. There are 3" or so on the ground, I'm hoping the snow I haven't shoveled yet gets washed away by the rain. Feel better soon!