Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rush to Spring?

The seedlings are coming!

The germination rate of these seeds has me surprised. This packet of perennial flower mix has been laying around for 2-3 years. It was one of those freebies you get with purchase so I really don't expect anything too exciting, but the germination rate has me a bit excited. So far, most of the 50-60 seedlings have not grown true leaves so identification is still a bit problematic.

To germinate I sprinkled the seed on a wet coffee filter, wrapped it up and sealed it in a Ziplock bag and put it into the fridge for two weeks. After that, I sprinkled the seed across a couple dozen soil-filled cells on a plastic seed tray. Germination was nearly instantaneous.

Out in my garden is a forsythia. If I would walk out and clip out a few branches and place them in a heavy lead vase with warm water, in a week or so I will have forsythia blooming in my dining room.

Reading a blog that posited the question, "Do you force any bulbs?" I remembered the dozen or so pots with yellow tulips and handfuls of muscari layered on top. The yellow and blue would be so cheery. Theoretically, I could dig one out and bring it in and it should bloom in my south window. Theoretically, because that is if I can knock it loose from the ground, the same ground to which my plastics recycle bin is firmly frozen.

Instead, I will garden indoors, perhaps making more cuttings from my colorful coleus.

I am starting seeds nearly every day, mirablis, cilantro, verbena. My delphiniums have their third leaves.

The silver sage salvia are starting to develop their furry, silvery scalloped true leaves which are so unique to them.

And finally, these fuschia cuttings have grown tiny leaves telling me that root development has also taken place. Plants are cool like that!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of good things are happening. Looking forward to hearing about the mystery seedlings once you can figure out what they are.