Friday, March 1, 2013

"Seed Packet Says...

Not sure what these little guys are yet, no true leaves for the most part.

I can tell some are coreopsis, rudbeckia, and dianthus. The seed packet says there are also wallflowers, bachelor buttons, foxgloves, blue flax, columbine, lupine, liatris, birdsfoot trefoil, lychnis, poppies, evening primrose, and shasta daisies. There are a couple seedlings that are a bit more interesting like this dark seedling in the center of the tray. There are a couple very large fleshy, almost succulent looking.

I'm hoping for lots of blue flax, foxgloves, and lupine.

And, of course, Spring!


  1. Everything is frozen and covered in snow. After so many years of early spring, March is getting off to a very cold start, and the weather is not supposed to change the next few days. Same thing where you are?

  2. Lupines are great. I've been increasingly interested in the past few years and am hoping the seed I collected this past year will germinate well once it's warm out.