Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Can Plants Actually Talk and Listen?

Okay. So. My blog is Talking-to-Plants. I named it that because I do spend a lot of time muttering to myself, "talking to plants". And it often seems I can hear them. I can tell they are stressed or dying. Or happy.

There is nothing happier than plants after a gentle rain or being misted by a watering system, regardless of what Geico commercials will tell you.

But now scientist think plants might actually be able to communicate.

I've had my supposition about this for years. When I come near with my pruning shears, I sense a collective gasp. When I sit in my grow room and run my fingers over the tops of fat little seedlings, the feeling is not unlike rubbing my dogs ears.

And then there is that serious talk about apples or gone I had with my Honeycrisp one spring. And, the 44 beautiful perfect apples I had that fall.

I guess I will be doing a bit more coaching in the fruit tree department.

Okay, you, cherry, apricot, and plum! Listen up! I'm talking to you!

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  1. Ha! Ha! I talk to my plants. Sometimes I even kiss a leaf or two. Once my neighbor heard me and with a bewildered look asked me, "Are you talking to your fig tree?" :-)

    Now I grew up with orchids all around the house. (orchids were my mom and dad's hobby a long time ago.) My mom would leave some classical music running for the orchids in the bamboo "greenhouse". :-)