Sunday, March 10, 2013

Under the Lights

Coleus, from cuttings.

Gerbera, repotted.

Today, as promised I am posting pictures from my grow room. This grow room is an unused space under the eaves in my loft bedroom. Originally, it was planned as a possible half or three-quarter bath, time, money, energy, and easy way to plumb it eluding me. Electricity, it's got. Someday when I have a greenhouse and a viable plan (I have a stack of unfeasible ones...), it'll happen. Until then? Lemonade.

Impatiens and fuschia, from cuttings.

White 4 o'clocks and agrostemma, from seed.

Cleomes, from seed.

Fuschia, from cuttings, blooming already.

Lime green nicotiana and variegated Swedish ivy, both repotted.

Laurentia, from seed, and the poorest germinator of all the seed so far, about 50%. (Pink and blue.)

Blue ageratum, from seed.

Most exciting germination so far, cobaea scandens alba, from seed. (Look right in the center, it's coming!)It's a white cup and saucer. Again st my brown fence and arbors I think this will be a gorgeous climber!

That perennial seed mix growing strong!

Another picture of the mirablis jalapa alba.

And lastly, nasturtium 'Vesuvius'.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of plants! I like your coleus, but do you know of any varieties with green and white leaves?

  2. Still looking for the "impatiens solution" I see. There is one that come in the standard assorted (one in the Wizard, and one in the Versa offered by Park Seed) seed mix. It may be a bit yellowish for your taste. If I had it, I take cuttings and make you up a tray and my son could bring it to Chicagoland in Spring when he visits his Dad. Have you considered the variegated Swedish ivy pictured above?