Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Dang Wabbits!"

I haven't seen any evidence of rabbits all winter. I'm not sure why. We've had plenty of tracking snow. Maybe they just hole up and sleep when it's really cold. Maybe rabbit tracks are more of a sign of spring than the groundhog seeing its shadow. I do know that since the last snowfall, my yard is a den of rabbit activity. I wish that Cooper's Hawk would make another appearance. Or may an eagle from the Mill Pond. The rabbits have checked out each and every bush above the 16" or so inches of snow still on the ground. Lucky for me, the village plow has pushed up a good mass of snow over the blueberry bushes. So far no evidence of gnawing.

On February 28, I saw a solitary sandhill crane flying north by Borth. (I couldn't make up names like these!) Last year the sandhill cranes flew back on February 19, heralding an unusually warm March. Typically, they appear between March 10 and March 20 or so, sometimes as late as the 27th, when it has been really cold. Since they usually sit on eggs when the snow has gone and that is about three weeks from arrival. Their arrival is a sure sign spring comes.

Also today, for the first time this year, a small flock of chickadees were chirping in my hedge until I scared them off trying to take their picture.

More sign of rabbits!

Right now?

LOTS of snow!


  1. My Cooper's hawk has not been eating enough rabbit either. I have a small fortune invested in poultry netting to protect the shrubs. Our snow is almost gone and the top inch of ground is getting mushy. Won't be long now!

  2. I protected my young shrubs this winter with chicken wire. I did see some voles earlier today. Can't wait for there to be more stuff for the rabbits to eat so they are not tempted by my shrubs. Or something should eat more rabbits. We have coopers and red tailed hawk as well.